Product Development Philosophy


Product Development Philosophy

Q & A with Franck

What is your philosophy on making products?

I believe in being unique and creating emotions and to be in coherence with the company’s brand image and overall strategy.

Where do you begin when you first start to develop a new product?

There are two scenarios: 1. Look at the market and I see a gap or something missing, or I see a way to create something really different from the others. 2. Sometimes, I have an idea or a concept in my mind that can come from any inspirations like automotive, bikes, and I just create it.

How do you approach problems in product performance?

Usually, I don’t do it alone. Depending on the complexity of the problem, I try to assemble a team to brainstorm to find different alternatives whether in design, materials, etc.

When it comes to design, what do you believe in?

Clean, one strong message so that it’s easy to understand, and something that could be complex, but looks simple and effortless. I’m into making small details that only the consumer will delight to notice after buying the product.

What are your beliefs when it comes to following trends (giving people what they want) versus creating them (telling them what’s important now)?

For a company, it has to be balanced. I don’t like the phrase “following trends”. These products are not revolutionary; they’re commercial. They allow you to create volume and help you to tweak the “on trend” products so that you can make them unique with your own reinterpretation. When you’ve developed volume, you can also have fun and create something different and that could spark a trend that nobody else has anticipated.

How do you balance the different needs of the product component model (from core components like design features, functional features – to trademark, branding, styling – to deliveries, spare parts, repairs and maintenance)?

When I design – I always have that in mind from the beginning. You’re creating a product for a specific company, so that product has to have a certain “DNA” that fits within the brand body. The product has to match that expected quality and it will have good consumer satisfaction.