The most innovative splitboard ever made: The Premiere


In the recent years, people have been more interested in spending more quality time in nature and this desire created a new trend in snowboarding. By 2013, Splitboarding was starting to get really popular however the available gear was pretty basic. With the support of our pro athlete Josh Dirksen and a colleague who has been an avid splitboarder, we worked on creating the ultimate board for backcountry snowboarding.

A regular split board ends up have two skis that are too wide for an efficient climb so the goal with the Premiere was to create a four part split board so you could put the two center piece in the backpack making the two outer skis thinner and lighter resulting in effortless kick turns while touring. We worked on all the technical details to make the assembly bulletproof and consumer centric.

I developed the product strategy, product positioning  and directed the photography and the video for this program. My colleague and I really believed in the potential of this project and it a great partnership in bringing The Premiere to be the most progressive innovation in splitboarding.