Europe Growth Strategy – Bundle Package & Rental


In Europe, Salomon snowboard is the partner of choice for key accounts. And, to grow volume, I focused on creating better packs that are impactful, affordable and user-friendly. On the rental sideI created, in a partnership with my colleagues, the UNITE rental to make the on-snow experience as easy, fun, and rewarding as possible.


I spend a great deal of time on product strategy in order to create products that can create a positive shift in relevance in brand image within the industry and maximize return on investment.

Before developing new projects that require major financial investment, I am very thorough in preparing a strong marketing plan that highlights insights such as market situation, marketing objectives, marketing strategy, and marketing tactics.

Most of the time, I rely on my product expertise and intuition which is why I agree with Steve Jobs when he said, “A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.”; However I do believe that once you have a final prototype on hand, it is good to get feedback from consumers to make minor improvements and finetune the message.

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